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Friday, 21 October 2016

Save The World Projects

At the beginning on the term, all children were asked to do a project on recycling. There were 6 key questions where children had to research information and present it in any way they liked.


These were AMAZING!!!

Just take a look at the time and effort these children put into making these projects.

Thank you SO MUCH for all their hard work, I hope you children learnt lots and enjoyed making them :)

Friday, 7 October 2016


Recycling is Art

After having a moan about recycling we decided to use old newspapers and jam jars to up-cycle them into something more useful. We were inspired by the junk model artist Leo Sewell and designed a coaster and a candle ornament. What do you think?

Human Skeleton


We have been looking our humans as part of our science work this half term. We learnt about our important bones, muscles and organs; how to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet and the effects exercise has on our body by doing an experiment.

Here are some examples of the skeletons we made :)


As part of our topic this half term we are looking at our environment and how we can help to protect. We looked into the effects of driving and air pollution and we looked into recycling. After walking around school we noticed that there are not enough recycling bins so we have prepared a letter to Mrs Chalal to persuade her to purchase some for each class and the dinner halls. Watch this space!



In maths we are currently learning our 3 timetables and place value. From there we then learnt to add and subtract three digit numbers. Here is an example of what we get up to in maths!

Welcome Back!

It is a new year and we have new pupils. They have settled in really well into year 3. They have kick started Accelerated Reader and began taking books home to practise reading for their test. Some have read well and scored an impressive 100%.

Parents please listen to your child read every night if possible and encourage them to check their understanding by asking them questions on their text.

Maths and spelling homework will be given out every Friday and will need to be in by Wednesday the following week.

Our first topic is 'Save the World' and as part of a new project based homework approach every week your child will add more to their project and bring it in the week of 17th October :)