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Monday, 27 April 2015

Shadows in the playground...

We have been studying light in science and today we have looked at how opaque objects create shadows on the ground.
Sophie and Latifullah worked really well as a team to record their shadow observation so they got the privilege of recording Wisey's shadow.

We used measuring tapes, chalk and our eyes to observe what was happening with our shadows at three different times in the day. 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Filming Day

George's Marvellous Medicine filming day!

We were truly marvellous on Tuesday. We did lots of different jobs to create all the footage and film all the scenes. 

There were so many jobs to do...some of us were amazing actors and actresses, camera operators, sound technicians, directors and assistant directors. We even had to set up a green screen and use puppets to create life-like farm animals.

In this scene, we filmed George making the medicine in our Food tech room. Dwayne was sound technician, Ahmad was camera operator, Me'Shack was Assistant director and Hamza directed the filming with his clapper board. 

Sara played the part of granny brilliantly. This is the scene were granny has some of George's marvellous medicine. Malikah was sound technician, Brandon was camera operator and Aman was director.

Fydel acted as George and did a fantastic job! Esha was assistant director in this scene.
We had a fantastic day working hard to get all the footage just perfect and we now are looking forward to the seeing the finished trailer on the big screen!!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Ancient Egyptian Day

On Thursday 16th April we had a whole day filled with exciting Ancient Egyptian activities.

In the morning we learned lots of facts about Tutinkamun through songs.

We learned how to understand Hieroglyphics and cracked the codes. We also made our own secret messages.

In maths we balanced the scales to help solve the problems for the Ancient Egyptians.

Throughout the afternoon we enjoyed a banquet and dressed up as Ancient Egyptians. From our experiences during the banquet we compared the lifestyles of the rich and poor in Ancient Egyptian times.

The winners were picked for the fantastic work on the projects that were completed over Easter. It was a very hard decision to make.
Well done to Malikah, Shiven and Ahmad.

A special visitor came to our Ancient Egyptian banquet...Wisey the owl dressed as a mummy