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Monday, 9 November 2015

Remembrance Week

This week we are learning about the effects of the World Wars on the home front.  
We will be looking at how women and children were effected as well as  those on the battlefield.
Here is some examples of art work completed where we used watercolours to create a background and black paper to make a silhouette of a range of war scenes.  

Totally AWESOME Science Projects

To mark at special occasion where British astronaut Timothy Peake is due to go to the International Space Station in December 2015, the whole school took part in a competition to create a fact file on space.

 Cameron created this super 3D fact file on the solar system, filled interesting information.
Caitlin designed a solar system too using Christmas decorations and sparkly materials! How creative :)

Well done to all the children who took part!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Four times tables!

Congratulations to 3.2, NK was so impressed with our progress on the three times tables that we went on to learn our fours.

Thank you for all your hard work but don't forget to practice, practice, PRACTICE!